Implicit Right

I am a twenty years old boy. I have just passed out from my college. I am not a very meritorious and smart student. I am shy in nature. So I have no friends. My other classmates are very smart. They roam around in groups while I stay alone. While they are busy chatting on various topics, I take shelter in the shade of trees and start thinking about who I am and where in the universe I am. From my physics book I know that our Earth is gravitationally bound to the Sun because the space around it is warped. I keep asking why it is so. One day a group of my classmates told me that they are going to a riverside for a picnic and I am invited to join their group. I did not understand why they were so kind on me. Anyway the next day we started for our picnic spot in a small bus. On our way they were shouting, gossiping and singing. I kept mum. The bus reached the spot near a river at around 10’o clock. It was rainy reason. The river was full to the brim. They started preparing for cooking. But I was roaming around and trying to have a glimpse of the nature. I was at a distance from them. Suddenly I saw that the water level of the river was rising and was submerging the forest around it. I started running towards our bus. When I reach the spot I found that they had left, may be in a hurry. I started running in search of a safer place. It started raining. My phone was not working. I was wet and feeling cold. After running for hours I could find a bungalow. I took a deep breath and stood outside a glass door. I did not dare to knock it. After a few minutes I could hear a sweet female voice. A young girl of my age opened the door and said, “Come inside. You are totally wet.” I came inside. She said, “You can stay in my guest room. Use the clothes kept there. Otherwise you will catch cold.” I was surprised to see her hospitality. I asked myself, “When the whole world is so selfish, how could a person like her exist?” I was exhausted by that time. I took bath and I slept for a while. After some time I got up and opened my door. I saw the girl sitting in her living room. She said with a smile, “You must be very hungry. I have prepared some food. Let us finish our lunch.” We started having food silently. I was awestruck by the innocence of her look and the taste of delicacy she prepared. A place in the living room caught my attention. It has a collection of musical instruments like sitar and tabla. I said, “Do you play sitar?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “I am fond of fast-paced classical composition.” After our lunch she started playing a beautiful composition and I accompanied her with tabla. It was raining heavily outside. The musical tunes and the sound of rain were so mixed that I could not understand who is following whom. We continued like this till evening. Then she prepared our dinner. While taking dinner I said, “May I ask you something? She said, “Oh! Yes.” I said, “Where are your parents?” She said, “My father was a forest officer. My mom and dad died in an accident recently. This bungalow belongs to the forest department. They may ask me to vacate any time.” I said, “Where are you planning to go next?” She said, “Don’t know. My father has a big piece of land and bungalow. I cannot go there due to a legal dispute with my uncle. My lawyer told that the court case will be settled soon.” I said, “I have a small home. I stay there with my mom. My father has expired. If you don’t mind you can stay there as long as you want.” She said, “I don’t know where my destiny will take me.” By the time our dinner was finished the rain had stopped. The sky was partly covered with cloud, but I could see some stars also. I said, “Let us go to your terrace and see stars.” She said, “Okay.” It was a dark night. We went to the terrace and started watching stars. I said, “Do you realize one thing? When we are looking at the stars, there may be some intelligent beings on some planet of the stars and they are also looking at us. She uttered a poem. Many trillions of atoms make a star. Many millions of stars make a galaxy. Thousands of galaxies make a universe. Who creates them all I wish to see. I said, “A beautiful thought.” After some time the rain started again and we came downstairs. When I was in bed, the sound of rain, her innocent face and sad story of her life made me spend a sleepless night. In the morning I found there was no rain. I went to the terrace and sat on meditation. By that time she got up and came to the terrace. I opened my eyes and said, “When did you get up?” She said, “Right now. But how did you know that I am near you? I said, “Guess, how?” She said, “I don’t know. But I am curious to know the meaning of meditation. I said, “The basic constituent of our universe is energy. Everything you see around is a form of energy. All our thoughts and the feeling of being alive is outcome of flow of this energy within us. Meditation means a realization that I am a small part of the endless flow of energy. But, anyway, there is no rain now. I will go home. My mom is thinking about me.” She said, “You may go after your breakfast.” Then I finished my breakfast and started for home. On the way I saw a postman coming towards her bungalow. I said, “Is there any letter?” He said. “Yes, there are two letters for Neela.” I accompanied him back to her bungalow. When I reached there I saw she had collapsed on her courtyard. I sprinkled cold water on her head and eyes. The postman kept the letters there and left. After a long time she regained her consciousness and said, “Did you not go home?” I said, “It is go good that I did not go. Otherwise who could have taken care of you?” She said, “I don’t remember what happened to me.” I said, “You need not. Now you get up and take a bath. I will not go anywhere. She took her bath. When she came out I gave her two letters to her. She opened the first letter and said, “I have to vacate this bungalow by the end of this month.” Then she opened the second letter and said, “Oh! I have won the court case. I have to go now to my lawyer to take possession of my father’s property. But I cannot do it alone. Please come with me.” Then I accompanied her to her lawyer’s office. Then we all went to their property. It was an amazing piece of land, full of flowers and fruits. It had a big bungalow.” I said, “My job is over. Now let me go.” She said, “What if I don’t let you go?” I said, “By what right?” She said, “Some rights are implicit in nature.”